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This Program is doctor supervised. Each participant has a follow-up visit with the supervising doctor on a bi-weekly basis. During these doctor-patient encounters, patients will answer questions regarding their overall health, their adherence to the diet, and any struggles or challenges they may be experiencing. Participants are then given a body composition analysis. Based on all of this information, participants are then given detailed information and instruction as it pertains to what they need to do for the upcoming weeks.

This program includes the consumption of complex carbohydrates and is not a “protein-only” program. Complex carbohydrates prevent excessive ketosis, hyperuricemia, diuresis, electrolyte loss, re-feeding edema, and they may improve muscular endurance. While undergoing the six-week program, the participant consumes between twenty-four and thirty ounces of nutrient-dense low glycemic index and anti-inflammatory foods per day.

I came here because I weighed more than I ever had.  My eating was out of control. I felt addicted.  I couldn’t believe my results! I was convinced that it
Wasn’t going to work for me.  I lost  38 pounds and I not only kept it off   For the last year, but lost a couple more pounds.  I have energy, my thyroid is better and I can tolerate the summer heat now.  I recommend this as a totally healthy natural diet.
Mary Lou
65 Years Old
I needed to do something for my weight and my back pain.  I’ve lost 65 pounds since starting.  My waist went from 40″ to 34″.  From XXXL to large shirt size.  I can play with my kids now.  Bending over and tying shoes is easy.  I don’t get out of breath.  If you follow the program the weight will come off!
54 Years Old
I wanted to get healthier, look better and feel better. Since doing this program I was told I look better and also I look like a teenager!   I feel 100% better. Once I got started it was easy. The people that know me have been asking a lot of questions. They know it works. I’m an example. I’ve seen several other people that’s been through it.  Just do it!!!
Lost 66 Pounds
I needed to lose weight and feel better. On this program, my hunger is almost non-existent. I had to buy new clothes and belts. At first, I was skeptical that this wouldn’t be any different than what I could do on my own. But I found that I lost a lot of weight fast without any hunger.
Lost 33 Pounds
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